Girls Like Us 2014

at The Acorn Theatre

BRAND NEW SHOW! ACORN THEATER on September 6 LAURA FREEMAN, BECKIE MENZIE & MARIANNE MURPHY ORLAND IN GIRLS LIKE US The songs of Carole King, Carly Simon & Joni Mitchell   Laura Freeman, Beckie Menzie & Marianne Murphy Orland celebrate the ground-breaking music of Carole King, Carly Simon and Joni …

Beckie Menzie

New tunes, and old, about the birds and the bees

Themes and programs constantly change at the Chicago Humanities Festival, but some attractions keep coming back like a song. Among them, the annual William and Greta Wiley Flory Concert stands out, for it amounts to a recurring feast of songwriting. The music and lyrics never stay the same, but the craft remains consistently high. Certainly that was the case Tuesday night at Francis W. Parker School, where Chicago singers convened to explore repertoire reflecting the “Animal” theme of the 24th annual festival, a vast subject that has inspired all manner of tunesmiths.

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